I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to plan much today, and true to my word, I haven’t, technically.

What I actually did today was I watched people’s vlogs on YouTube on Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea trying to imagine myself there. I also excessively talked about going to Japan. It’s my first time going so I can’t stop thinking about it.

I also can’t plan the Korea portion of my trip as of yet. My sister lives there and we don’t know where her job will be the second half of the year, so I guess that part of planning will have to wait till later.

I also started planning another 2 trips (as if this one at the end of the year wasn’t enough). 1 is going to Singapore with my mate and the other is going to Shanghai Disneyland. The only thing I have on my bucket list is (rather unoriginally) going to visit every Disney Resort in the world. The only one I’ve done so far is Paris. Doing Tokyo this year and I’m hoping to do at least one resort every year until I’ve finished them.

I’ll have to start planning the rest of my trip soon though. It won’t plan itself and 243 days will fly by.

Speak soon.
Sara đź’™