240 days to go… — February 23, 2020

240 days to go…


I hope you’re all doing well! It’s the first time I’ve had to type this out on my phone so bare with me a little.

Today’s been busy but unfortunately, not much in the way of travel planning.

Something people have realised though is that if they know me for more than like an hour, they get to know about my trips. The month I spent in Korea recently and the trip I’m taking in October/November.

Maybe I should start planning though, things will need to start coming together soon!

Speak soon!

Sara 💙

243 days to go… — February 19, 2020

243 days to go…

Hello again!

Why is it that 243 days seems so long even though I have loads to plan?

Since I did almost no planning today, this will be a quick post just to do my countdown.

I didn’t plan my own holiday, per say, but I did help my friend plan hers, she’s doing almost the same trip as me but she leaves in 40 days. I helped her find flights from Osaka to Tokyo, but also helped her find more information about the Shinkansen.

Other than that, the next few days are going to be a little busy, I’ll still update everyday, but not a lot of planning will happen. Next step is working out what I’m doing and when in Tokyo.

Speak soon.
Sara 💙

244 days to go (still)… — February 18, 2020

244 days to go (still)…

Hello again!

We’re still in the same day (gotta love 1am blogging), but I’m here. I’m hoping to do this every night around this time just to give some insight into my planning and happenings everyday.

First thing that happened, my new phone case came. My first trip is to Osaka for two nights so I bought a phone case with the airport and the date I’m going to keep the hype going for the trip. This is the case:

After the case came, it did what it needed to, it’s time to start planning properly. So today, I put the flights I plan to use onto Google Flights price tracking. They’re pretty cheap at the moment but I do still need to save a little so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can do that soon.

My trip is currently as follows:
London → Osaka – October 19th (landing October 20th)
Osaka → Tokyo – October 22nd
Tokyo → Seoul – November 1st
Seoul → London – November 17th

I did want to take the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo, but it’s a little expensive for my budget and a flight is around half the price, so I learned today. Guess a flight will have to do…

I also learned today that I can get a 1.5 day ticket for Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, so I’m going to be getting that one since it’ll fit nicely into my trip there, and get a later flight on the last day in Osaka to explore a little bit then.

Planning is going well at the moment, hopefully it’ll start coming together more soon.

Speak soon.

244 days to go —

244 days to go


This is the first time I’ve blogged in a while so here goes…

In 244 days, I’ll be heading to Japan for my first holiday alone. Although I flew to Korea on my own last year, I never really count it since I met my sister the other side. Either way, here’s a bit about me:

  • I’m 24 years old
  • I live with my parents
  • I go on extravagant holidays
  • I have so many anxieties none of this should be possible.

I’ve started this blog so that I don’t annoy people in my life with my travel plans, since I can now post them all here. Not much of a plan at the moment, but I do have hotels booked and the dates that I’m going. Japan first then Korea.

Let’s see how all this goes, right? Hopefully it won’t be too much of a disaster.

Speak soon.