236 days to go… — February 26, 2020

236 days to go…

Hello there,

Long time no speak! How’s everyone been doing? I’ve been a little busy but we’re trucking along slowly.

I’ve actually planned a lot today. Rather, I’ve been looking things up and getting more knowledge on the things that are a definite must when I go.

For example, did you know you can’t use a foreign (non-Japanese) debit card to book Disney tickets on their website? I didn’t until I looked into it today.

I also found out today that they have a rail line that runs between Disney Parks in Tokyo, it has 4 stations (going to the hotels too) and each station has it’s own medal you can buy. You can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to all 4 to collect them (a bit like Pokemon but with medals. Gotta collect them all *wink*)

Speaking of Pokemon, my friend and I are actually in Tokyo at the same time, so we’ve decided to meet up to go to the Pokemon Cafe together (with her daughter). I’m so looking forward to it! I’m in charge of making the reservation, so I hope I can get it for us. I’m trying to suss out how the reservations are released so I can pounce as soon as they’re out. It’ll be around Halloween too, so hopefully they’ll have some halloween merch there.

I’ve also been thinking about doing TeamLab Borderless, I’ve been told it’s absolutely amazing. And obviously I’ve got to do the Skytree and Ghibli Museum. Not quite sure what else to do, not that there’s a shortage of things to do in Tokyo. There’s a lot of theme parks coming up when I’m searching and I’m not sure I want to exclusively do theme parks when I’m out there.

Of course there’ll be a few shopping days there too. It wouldn’t be a trip without a few shopping days.

My flights are getting cheaper at the moment too, so hopefully I’ll be able to get them before long. Fingers crossed anyway.

Speak soon (I hope)
Sara 💙

240 days to go… — February 23, 2020

240 days to go…


I hope you’re all doing well! It’s the first time I’ve had to type this out on my phone so bare with me a little.

Today’s been busy but unfortunately, not much in the way of travel planning.

Something people have realised though is that if they know me for more than like an hour, they get to know about my trips. The month I spent in Korea recently and the trip I’m taking in October/November.

Maybe I should start planning though, things will need to start coming together soon!

Speak soon!

Sara 💙

242 days to go… — February 21, 2020

242 days to go…


I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to plan much today, and true to my word, I haven’t, technically.

What I actually did today was I watched people’s vlogs on YouTube on Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea trying to imagine myself there. I also excessively talked about going to Japan. It’s my first time going so I can’t stop thinking about it.

I also can’t plan the Korea portion of my trip as of yet. My sister lives there and we don’t know where her job will be the second half of the year, so I guess that part of planning will have to wait till later.

I also started planning another 2 trips (as if this one at the end of the year wasn’t enough). 1 is going to Singapore with my mate and the other is going to Shanghai Disneyland. The only thing I have on my bucket list is (rather unoriginally) going to visit every Disney Resort in the world. The only one I’ve done so far is Paris. Doing Tokyo this year and I’m hoping to do at least one resort every year until I’ve finished them.

I’ll have to start planning the rest of my trip soon though. It won’t plan itself and 243 days will fly by.

Speak soon.
Sara 💙

244 days to go (still)… — February 18, 2020

244 days to go (still)…

Hello again!

We’re still in the same day (gotta love 1am blogging), but I’m here. I’m hoping to do this every night around this time just to give some insight into my planning and happenings everyday.

First thing that happened, my new phone case came. My first trip is to Osaka for two nights so I bought a phone case with the airport and the date I’m going to keep the hype going for the trip. This is the case:

After the case came, it did what it needed to, it’s time to start planning properly. So today, I put the flights I plan to use onto Google Flights price tracking. They’re pretty cheap at the moment but I do still need to save a little so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can do that soon.

My trip is currently as follows:
London → Osaka – October 19th (landing October 20th)
Osaka → Tokyo – October 22nd
Tokyo → Seoul – November 1st
Seoul → London – November 17th

I did want to take the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo, but it’s a little expensive for my budget and a flight is around half the price, so I learned today. Guess a flight will have to do…

I also learned today that I can get a 1.5 day ticket for Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, so I’m going to be getting that one since it’ll fit nicely into my trip there, and get a later flight on the last day in Osaka to explore a little bit then.

Planning is going well at the moment, hopefully it’ll start coming together more soon.

Speak soon.